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Who would not miss the little pretty cartoon character that became popular in the 80’s?  The story talks about a little girl named Wisp, who was abducted by unknown forces and was taken to the Colorless World. Wisp met a sprite named Twink and a horse named Starlite. Together they rescued the seven Color Kids (Red Butler, Lala Orange, Canary Yellow, Patty O’ Green, Buddy Blue, Indigo and Shy Violet) and obtain magical items like the Sphere of Light, Color Belt, Star Sprinkles and Color Crystals to destroy the evil force and save the Colorless World. Wisp was later on renamed as Rainbow Brite by the unknown force. She and the Color Kids live in the Rainbow land and are in charge of keeping the Earth colorful.

Welcome to RainbowBriteCostume.Com – the web’s top source for finding authentic looking costumes featuring the characters of the popular eighties cartoon sitcom. Your costume really is just waiting at the end of the rainbow!

Put the power of the rainbow to work for you when you dress in your Rainbow Brite Costume! Rainbow Brite is an iconic cartoon from the eighties – and Rainbow Brite is back with somewhat of a cult following!  Become a vixen of color in a sexy Rainbow Brite costume!  Fans of the cartoon will recall that Rainbow Brite was not the only character that deserves a costume tribute. Her friends were equally as colorful, too.  Look for costumes to fulfill your most colorful costume fantasy, including Rainbow Brite herself or Rainbow Brite’s friends, including Patty O’Green, Shy Violet, Canary Yellow, Indigo, La La Orange, Red Butler, and Buddy Blue.  Yes, those last two are Rainbow Brite’s guy friends, and yes, guys can wear a Rainbow Brite costume, too.  Some hints on what to look for when choosing each costume:

-          Rainbow Brite. A Rainbow Brite costume should feature tons of rainbow colors.  A base of a short blue dress with long sleeves is a must, although the dress could be other colors and still look just as good.  White fur around the trim is an authentic look.  A rainbow decal goes on the front of Rainbow Brite’s belt.  Hair should be tied with a ribbon that is the color of the dress.

-          Patty O’Green.  A Rainbow Brite costume will be very similar to the same thing that Patty O’Green would wear, only Patty’s costume should be all green with white trim.  A green star goes on Patty’s belt, and her hair should also be green and braided if your hair is long enough.  You can find green hairspray/temporary coloring at any costume store.

-          Shy violet.  You guessed it, a Rainbow Brite costume for Shy Violet is – purple!  Violet costumes that have an authentic Rainbow Brite feel feature a short purple dress and purple knee socks.  Hair is worn up and sprayed with purple dye.  The finishing accessory for this costume is a pair of eyeglasses.

-          Canary Yellow.  Blondes can pull off the Canary Yellow Rainbow Brite costume without any colored hair spray.  Canary wears yellow tights and a yellow leotard with long sleeves.

-          Indigo.  Indigo Rainbow Brite costumes are blue, of course, and feature harem pants, long sleeve shirt, and best.  Put some blue streaks in your hair to become Indigo, and wear the hair in two ponytails at the side of your head.

-          La La Orange.  Rainbow Brite’s friend La La wears orange, including her tights, leotard, robe, beret, and sandals.  If you have red hair, you won’t need to spray your hair with colored hair spray!

-          Red Butler.  Again, a good costume for a red head.  Guys dressing up in a Red Butler Rainbow Brite Costume should wear a red sweat suit, red shoes and red leg warmers.  A cape of yellow and yellow suspenders and belt with a star top off the look.

-          Buddy Blue.  Buddy Blue wears blue shorts, blue shirt, blue sneakers, and blue headband.  His belt features a blue star.

There you have it – the characters of Rainbow Brite come to life for your pleasure.  Rainbow Brite costumes can be oh-so colorful, fun, and beauty and set the mood for whimsy!

Rainbow Brite Costumes become popular nowadays not only for kids but also for adults. The girls love the character because of her colorful outfit. The Rainbow Brite Costume is usually made up of a blue shaded mini dress and a pair of red shoes. To complete the costume, colorful sleeves and socks are incorporated. A bright blond wig in a ponytail is also used to pull the getup together.

A rainbow brite costume is also one of the top picks for Halloween costume parties. Many rainbow brite holloween costumes are sold online. Most costumes sold consist of mini dress, leggings, belt and battery operated wand. For extra large sizes, online shops also offer plus size rainbow brite costumes too. Some also offer designs that are highly customizable that suits your choice.

If you wish to make your very own Rainbow Brite Costume, there are many rainbow brite costume patterns that are available for download too. All you have to do is follow the patterns or even alter it to make a more unique costume for your party.

Rainbow Brite is an animated television series which made its first appearance on television on June of 1984. Rainbow Brite story is about an orphan girl named Wisp. She was taken to the Colorless world by an unknown force. In the colorless world, she met a Sprite named Twink and a Majestic Horse named Starlite which both became her friends and upon continuing her adventure she saved the seven color kids where each one of them has their own personality and interest. In order to bring back the color into the land, she finds the color belt and use it defeat the King of Shadows.

Rainbow Brite costumes have different dress, socks and sleeves which comes in different colors. There is also a blonde pony tailed wig, belt, leggings, wand and a pair of shoes available to complete your colourful Rainbow Brite outfit. Many kids especially girls will surely want to wear a Rainbow Brite costume because of its nice design and colourful look which will make them attractive. Rainbow Brite costume is a great idea to wear in a costume party or Halloween whether you are a kid or adult.

Even the movie is released many years ago, Rainbow Brite characters are still very well known and popular. Rainbow Brite costumes becomes a great idea for Halloween or costume parties because of its colourful outfit that will make the wearer more attractable.

You can start having the adventure by wearing a Rainbow Brite costume that you want. There are different varieties of colourful Rainbow Brite costume that you can find here with us. Different Rainbow Brite costumes are available in different colors and sizes. You may like to wear the very sexy Rainbow Brite adult costume as much as many children like it. Whichever you like, you can find it here with us.

The most interesting festival of every year ‘Halloween’ brings in joy, happiness and a lot of spookiness in to our homes and enliven our spirits. People like to enjoy the holiday with different coloured costumes which are spooky, fun to wear and all the more weird so that you can catch people’s attention and thus offer grace to the occasion.

Which costume would be suitable to be worn on such a lovely festival? Well frankly the choices are innumerable and interestingly you can make out your own design and range of costumes but the best bet will be to go for a Rainbow Brite costume which mesmerises the on-lookers, spills colours wherever it moves, and peps up the surrounding.

The Costume design came up from a cartoon character named Wisp who later became famous as  Rainbow Brite, and who went on to demolish all the dark and evil monsters with her friends; she and her friends hold the reason for colours in the earth. Thus the costume was made with a vision to instigate enthusiasm and cheer to the boisterous occasion.

The costume is available as a whole set in the leading stores. When you would wear such a colourful dress then all eyes are bound to be on you and you would undoubtedly become the centre of attraction wherever you go. Many accessories can be worn along with this costume but make sure that these accessories match the dress very well or else they might look awkward. It is always a good idea to go in for either red or blue coloured accessories, be it bead chain or necklace.

Hair accessories will be made available along with the costume set. Be sure to order a wig if you don’t have long hair,  as a multi-coloured ribbon around the hair is necessary to give a final touch to the costume.

Now you can bring alive the feel of the most popular pretty cartoon character from 80’s with the Rainbow Brite costume. The story of a little girl named Wisp and her journey in the color world. The little Rainbow Brite costume brings up the color of the cartoon alive and makes people relive the tale of Rainbow Brite. The Rainbow Brite costume is very popular and it is liked by adults as well as kids. They look very pretty and give a very colorful and a bright feel.

This outfit is mostly preferred by girls as this outfit is very colorful and the character is also a girl so girls who loves to look elegant and are on the bubbly side prefer wearing a girly costume and the Rainbow Brite costume is a very right pick for all those who like colors and love to blossom with wholesome of colors. These Rainbow Brite costumes are small mini dresses which is shaded in blue and to complete the look all you need is some colorful sleeves and some socks to complete the final look. To add on a beautiful and a complete fullness touch a blond wig in a ponytail is also used to get the complete look.

Rainbow Brite costume is a very colorful and a very girly and a bubbly outfit for females. One can find many such different yet attractive costumes and things to go with it to complete the look. There are many theme parties coming up and this can be your hottest pick as the Halloween is also coming up and if you want to be on a brighter and a simpler yet beautiful side then Rainbow Brite costume is the best costume for you.

Now you don’t have to go anywhere to look for the costume and the things which are to be incorporated in with it all you have to do is log on to this web site as this web site is completely dedicated to Rainbow Brite costume and here you will get everything you are looking for related to the costume and you don’t have to go anywhere as it is a one stop shop. So what are you waiting for pick up your very own Rainbow Brite costume today? Happy shopping!!

Accessorizing Your Rainbow Brite Costume

Whether you want to dress as Wisp, Twink, or some other character (maybe even the Dark Princess) in this colorful series, you are in for a real treat! Accessorizing your Rainbow Brite costume can be a colorful experience! This eighties icon cartoon series is nothing if not colorful, and adding colorful accessories is important to authenticating the look of your costume. From brightly colored wigs and other accessories to colored hose and shoes, the key is to add as much color and as much brilliant color, as possible. Add color through bracelets, colorful socks, hair bows and head bands and more.

No matter how colorful your world, it is important to choose a costume that fits you well! Size matters when you are choosing the right Rainbow Brite costume for you and your child. Be sure to go by the size chart measurements when picking out your costume. You will need to know your height and weight, and also the measurements for your chest, hips, waist and torso. These are essential for a proper fit. You should also measure your inseam. This is the measurement that runs from the seat of your pants along the inside leg and down to the hem. This is an important measurement for getting the right costume with the right fit so you can sparkle and shine all night long.

Be colorful, go rainbow with Rainbow Brite Costumes!

In the 1980′s Rainbow Brite is no stranger to any child.  She was an animated icon of the youth that boomed for many years.  Who can forget this cute figure with her talking, rainbow horse?  Her color belt was a known tool to bring color to the lives of the colorless.  She and her friends were responsible to give color to the world while keeping their a wary eye on the “Dark one”.

The animated series was an instant hit and you can see Rainbow Brite almost everywhere.  From jelly candies, shirts, cups and other accessories, Rainbow Brite was printed on them.  Today, children of our modern World can have the chance to experience the magic Rainbow Brite has given us by purchasing Rainbow Brite costumes.  Imagine your adorable little girl as the hero of your childhood years.

Rainbow Brite costumes are full of color just like the character making your child shine brightly against the dark costumes that you usually see during the Halloween season.  There are so many color combinations to choose from and they all look as good as the other does.

Your child may not know who the character they are portraying so this would be a good time to share your wonderful experiences as a child when you were watching the series.  The magical adventure of Rainbow Brite will be a great story to tell and your child will be more impressed by your choice of costume.

Who has the time to make costumes anymore?  Go find the best costume retailers and find the best Rainbow Brite costume.  Your child will be happy to bring some color to the dark World of Halloween and relive the adventures of Rainbow Brite again.  Complete the look by inviting some of her friends and their parents to join in the Rainbow Brite theme.  They too can be part of the colorful experience as the Color kids.

You will not find a more complete collection of Rainbow Brite character costumes then we have here at RainbowBrightCostume.com. We have a costume for every character. Each costume fits the colors known to that character. There are 8 characters in all. All accessories, from stockings to wands are available. The great thing about these costumes is that you can add your own accessories and just about anything matches. These costumes work for both men and women, as two of the Rainbow Brite characters are male. So, get a group of your friends together, hit the streets this Halloween and make it a beautiful, bright and colorful night.

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